Your content here12 Week Fat Loss Program

Hey, if you are here you definitely have an interest in nutrition and weight loss and more than likely you have a goal in mind.

Are You Ready To?

Tone up….Drop inches…..Lose the bloat…..Burn fat……PLUS Feel great!

Then its time to unlock your body’s potential for Summer! In this program you will:

1-Learn to eat in balance and avoid dieting, starvation and deprivation.

2-Find out how to control calories, blood sugar and hormones without having to count calories.

3-Discover a simple plan of action that you and your family can follow for the rest of your life



Hey I’m Monty Miller and thank you for your interest in the 8 Week Metabolic Reset Nutrition Program. You are about to learn the simplest, most effective approach to weight loss. It’s not just about calories but eating in the right proportions and controlling blood sugar, hormones and fixing your metabolism.

And Just In Time For Spring And Summer!

You are going to get 12 Weeks Of:

-Coaching, Both Video And via Facebook Live

-Meal Plans To Ensure You Are Following The Right Guidelines For Success

-Recipes To Make Your Plan Easier To Stick To

-Short, time efficient workouts to burn maximum calories and lose fat

-Accountability To Stick To Your Plan

-Peer Support Within A Private Community

-Action Challenges To Get You Activated In Applying Your New Knowledge And Skills


Please complete the form below and I will be in contact with you. Be as specific as possible about your goals and desires in the comments section.